Round rugs

Intricate stitching and circular geometry bring our handwoven flower rugs and braided round rugs to life. With a natural colour palette and soft textural quality, these classic natural fibre rugs are the perfect addition to your contemporary interior living space.

Armadillo & Co round rugs are our most versatile designs that always looks good. Their handwoven texture adds life to an entrance, living room or bedroom, softening hard edges in otherwise linear spaces.

The process of producing these beautiful rugs is entirely by hand and, when you look closely at the rug, it's overwhelming how much time goes into each design. The full length of the fibre in the rug is braided by hand. To provide a robust nature in our hemp rugs, the braid is turned on its side and coiled, where they are then hand stitched into place, coil by coil. This ages old method means they are suitable for busy spaces and will continue to look beautiful for a long time.

Our wool braid weaves are hand plaited from a luxurious wool blend then carefully coiled and stitched into their beautiful, durable form. With a strong backing attached, the Braid Weave is ideal for entrance ways, bedrooms and living rooms. The Muted colours and a soft feel underfoot bring an understated elegance to modern life, making the Braid Weave one of our most versatile rugs.
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