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Almost all Armadillo & Co rug designs can be custom woven to hall runners specifically designed to fit your space.

This is where Armadillo & Co really shines; how you enter your home impacts on how you feel about coming home as well as welcoming friends and family in. 

Here's our thoughts to get you started:

  • Work out what size (width and length) you want - very generally, we say leave approx. 20 cm either side of the runner to allow the space to 'breathe'. Please consider ceiling heights, if the hall is enclosed or if it merges into a large open space to allow for scale.
  • A standard runner is between 80 - 90 cm wide; for wider hallways we will often go to around 120 cm but 80 - 90 cm is what works in most traditional NZ homes.
  • Think about lining up the length with door frames and whether you want the runner to cross heavy traffic areas or stop short. Do you want one long runner or break up with two - the two can be the same or different designs in the same colour way. Your choice, your home!
  • Do you want the runner to start as you walk in the front door or have an entrance mat first. Will the runner clear any opening doors?
  • Choose the design and colours and we can work everything out for you - pattern repeats (if any), pricing and advice on backing and underlay to make sure your runner is both beautiful and functional.
  • Ask us any questions, send us photos, bring them in….we're very happy to help.
Pricing is by the per m2 (width x length). We can work out everything for you.

​All customs items have a 10 - 14 week lead time which changes seasonally. It may sound like a long time but it flies and customers are usually surprised when we call and say their runner is on its way.

We request a 50% deposit to confirm custom orders with the balance payable upon delivery. 

We can arrange latex backing to keep your runner stiff and flat (no rippling) and provide underlay so there's no movement at all. We make sure that you end up with the most beautiful hall runner to welcome you home. 

​Email us
hello@theivyhouse.co.nz or pop into our showroom and we can show you how simple Armadillo & Co make custom design.
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