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Living room rugs are the easiest way to add character, warmth and textural depth to your living space. All Armadillo & Co rugs are hand woven or knotted entirely by hand from natural fibres, making them hard wearing and perfect for everyday family living. Here's our top tips:
  • think about how you use the space; is it a busy family area or a formal entertaining space? Is there a lot of foot traffic or is this a more formal area where a certain look, or softness underfoot is the goal?
  • do you want your rug to make a statement by adding colour or design - check out our Bespoke Collection or Agra Knot rugs? Or perhaps something more neutral to add texture, softness and pull together existing furnishings? This is where the right rug can make the space so inviting. And getting the size right is key, so keep reading........
  • we always feel sales-y saying this but, in all honesty, go as large as the space allows, while still leaving space between the rug and the walls to allow 'breathing space'. This will make the room feel spacious, inviting and well-designed.
  • measure the seating area - from the back of the sofa/chair on all sides of the room, not the space in between seats.
    • ideally have all furniture seated on the rug with approx. 20cm of rug going past the sides and backs of seats.
    • if you want to go smaller, try and be consistent to achieve a cohesive look i.e. if the sofa front legs only sit on the rug, ensure all other seats do the same.
    • L-Shaped sofas look amazing fully on the rug but that's not always possible in the space. If not, try and run the main sofa with front legs just on the rug (or rug just in front of the legs) with the L return/chaise component fully on the rug from that point. This helps add balance visually and makes the seating area look inviting.
    • usually, orientate the rug to match the shape of the room.
  • have fun and ask us for any advice - we love being able to help.
  • lastly, please, choose what you love. You're going to have this rug for a long time and if you love it, it will work in other rooms and other homes. Because, let's face it, that's how we now live - things change.
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