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Founder Annie Loveridge's home was covered in ivy and locally referred to as 'The Ivy House' when she launched her textiles business in 2010 following a career in banking.
The Ivy House opened its doors in Herne Bay in 2013 offering Australia's Armadillo & Co rugs to NZ for the first time. Our second store in Parnell followed in 2017. 
We work with clients across NZ, offering a personal service via phone and email, sending samples out and working together. It's about good service, good manners, and ensuring we have happy clients.

Our expert team receive ongoing training, both in the 
Armadillo & Co range and how to ensure our clients are cared for to the standards we set out for ourselves. We are entrusted with Armadillo's ethically made rugs and we respect them through our genuine care for our NZ customers.
It can be overwhelming when faced with so many options; our friendly team works closely with our clients to ensure the perfect product is selected, providing the best option for your lifestyle, existing furnishings and how you want your home to look and feel. We tend to work on this together, share ideas and discuss with each other so that we get input from everyone's skills. Send in your photos and house plans - we're excellent problem solvers!
Armadillo & Co
The Ivy House is proudly the NZ stockist of the full range of Armadillo & Co hand woven rugs. We work closely with Armadillo to support and realise their vision "to establish a company committed to ethical production" through our practices with our clients in NZ.
Armadillo & Co is inspired by collaboration, a search for the uncommonly beautiful, and most of all, the human touch. All of our products are infused with the rich history and artisanship of the hands who have created them.

Our goal is to sustain and elevate these age old methods through a contemporary design process.

Armadillo & Co products are 100% handmade, using Fair Trade practices with natural and sustainable fibres.
Every purchase:

•  Provides employment and helps sustain an industry of ancient craftsmanship

•  Supports education and local schools in our weavers’ villages

•  Builds brighter futures for children in underprivileged communities

We believe in giving back. It’s the best way we can support those who give so much to us.
We are passionately committed to social responsibility and community involvement.

We fervently believe in the cornerstones of our brand. Our commitment to social responsibility, sustainable practices and to helping to support the community of artisans who hand make all of our products is what separates us from traditional rug manufacturers and retailers.

Our rugs lie lightly on this earth.
Coco Flip and HEM
Furniture and Lighting Collections by Coco Flip are hand made in Melbourne and the Pocket Chair by HEM is hand crafted in oak and leather in Italy.
Made by Hand
We carefully select only those items that resonate with us. Items made by hand. With a story.
Handmade items aren't a pristine product; they have the signature of the artisan's hands to provide a unique piece with integrity.
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